Company: OLOMOMO 


Introduced: September 2016

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

Product Snapshot: OLOMOMO now offers a unique variety to their nutty line up of Almonds & Pecans, with the addition of Applewood Smoked Cashews. They infuse smoked captured from a secret blend of apple trees and alderwood and lightly roasts these cashews with a little Organic Safflower oil and a pinch of sea salt. Close your eyes and escape back to the calm crackling comfort of the smoky campfire. Some say it tastes like bacon for vegans. No artificial flavors, Non-GMO verified, gluten free certified, and vegan. Simply cashews, organic safflower oil, smoked sea salt, natural smoke & love from Boulder, CO. Now available in re-sealable, stand up 4oz bags and a convenient 1.25oz grab & go size.

OLOMOMO (pronounced “o-lo-MO-mo”) is based in Boulder, CO and aspires to bring innovation to the nut industry with the most delicious and unusual nuts in the world. The company roasts its nuts in small copper kettles and then seasons with outrageous all natural & organic flavors and spices. The nuts are an all-natural, premium, high-energy, vegan, gluten free, amino acid and protein-rich snack designed to taste great alone, with your favorite smoothie or beverage or as a topper to salad and desserts.

Olomomo is the monkey god of adventure. He’s the voice you hear in your head nudging you to go for it. With his amazing nut snacks, he tricks people into being nuttier, good and adventurous.