Middleby Corporation (“Middleby”), a global leader in the foodservice equipment industry, has acquired Sveba Dahlen Group, a leading manufacturer of high-quality bakery ovens, baking equipment and planetary mixers in Northern Europe.

Sveba Dahlen was founded in 1948 and has a market leading position within professional high-quality baking ovens and baking equipment in Northern Europe. The company sells its products under three premium brands, Sveba Dahlen, Glimek and Bear. 

Middleby, founded in 1888, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen and bakery equipment, residential appliances and systems for industrial processing and packaging. With more than 50 premium brands between the three business segments, Middleby develops, manufactures, distributes and sells its products worldwide. Middleby is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois (US) and has revenues of c. USD 2.3 billion.

“Sveba Dahlen, Glimek and BEAR Varimixer are amazing Scandinavian brands that cater to a demanding segment of the Bakery industry; the company has shown steady organic growth and Middleby will empower the company’s management team to continue to grow and innovate,” says Mark Salman, president of Middleby Bakery Group. 

“It has been an exciting journey at Sveba Dahlen and I believe Middleby as the new owner, will be able to provide us with great support, in particular in the continued international expansion while driving product innovation,” says Peter Larsson, CEO of Sveba Dahlen Group.