A new blog, Emulsifiers for Good (EFG), aims to inspire and share knowledge and ideas for realizing the full potential of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers to solve some of the world’s food-related challenges.

Emulsifier and stabilizer manufacturer Palsgaard A/S is the enabler of a new industry initiative aimed at inspiring and sharing expert knowledge, know-how and ideas to help realize the full potential of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers. 

Emulsifiers for good (www.emulsifiersforgood.com) is an open, online and non-promotional forum, providing a platform for experts within the global food and non-food industry to share their unique perspectives, discoveries and other experiences related to emulsifiers. 

Emulsifiers contribute to a very small part of the ingredients list for a range of foods—from baked goods to ice cream, chocolate, dairy and margarine— but they play a huge role in ensuring product quality and shelf- life, enabling them to support a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, they are already playing a valuable role in achieving some of these goals through providing a growing population with safe and nutritious food, reducing food wastage and lowering the amount of energy used in food production. Equally, emulsifiers are enabling the production of more sustainable plastic products as they can replace petrochemical additives while, for example, adding efficient anti-static and anti-fogging effects important in food packaging. 

Claus Hviid Christensen, CEO of Palsgaard’s innovation center Nexus A/S, and the first editor of Emulsifiers for Good, encourages food industry colleagues to contribute the new blog. 

“Emulsifiers for Good is an opportunity to share expertise within the field, particularly focusing on new applications and on how emulsifiers can be sustainably sourced and produced. The emphasis is on making a difference in the world, and in keeping with this, we’ll be keeping the blog as brand-neutral as possible—and advertisement-free, of course.”

Answering the question of why Palsgaard is behind an initiative of this kind, Claus Hviid Christensen explains:

“Palsgaard is a Danish-based, foundation-owned company that combines its own emulsifier know-how with a socially responsible agenda. We believe that emulsifiers used in food and non-food products should, as much as possible, be sustainably and safely sourced, produced and consumed. Specifically, we’ve launched Emulsifiers for Good to help lead, motivate and support the food industry and the wider community in working jointly toward the UN’s SDGs.”

Claus Hviid Christensen adds: “The potential of emulsifier technology to do good things for the world is far from fully realized by everyone in the food industry and in the wider community. We’re looking forward to communicating more strongly about this topic and supporting innovation."