Company: Charles Ross & Son Company


Equipment Snapshot: The Ross Test & Development Center has announced the addition of an advanced planetary mixer, now available for no-charge demonstrations. The new 4-gallon Planetary Dual Disperser (Model PDDM-4) is equipped with two High Viscosity Blades and two High Speed Dispersers; all four agitators rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel, ensuring rapid powder wet-out and deagglomeration. It is designed for vacuum operation and includes a jacketed mix vessel. Ideal for mixing thick slurries and highly-filled pastes, the PDDM delivers excellent dispersion and uniformity throughout a wide viscosity range up to around 2 million centipoise.

The PDDM-4 is one of over 40 mixers and blenders showcased at the Ross T&D Center. A typical mixing simulation test utilizes the end user’s actual raw materials and the mixer is operated at process conditions as close as possible to actual production. Proof-of-concept demonstrations such as high shear emulsification, particle size reduction, dry blending, vacuum drying, high viscosity mixing and three roll milling are performed routinely.

For over 50 years, the Ross Test & Development Center has played an important role in helping customers identify the best possible equipment for their particular application, generate data for scale-up, or solve a mixing problem. The center includes an analytical laboratory for quick evaluation of samples. Ross also offers trial/rental equipment for more in-depth testing at the customer’s facility.