Company: Dynamic Conveyor

Equipment Snapshot: Dynamic Conveyor Corporation now offers an optional scraper blade on DynaClean sanitary conveyors. The new scraper blade helps remove bulk food product carry back and prevent it from falling off at various points on the conveyor. Bulk product, especially sticky food product, can adhere to the conveyor belt and be difficult to release at the appropriate time; therefore, resulting in product loss, various housekeeping and conveyor maintenance problems.

The new scraper blade compliments the simple design of the DynaClean conveyor line. The scraper blade offers an uncomplicated design with stainless steel components and food grade materials that limit crevices and opportunities for bacteria growth.

The scraper blade is made of FDA approved materials and has been certified by the USDA for use in food processing environments including meat, poultry and dairy operations. The scraper blade is compatible with both the solid surface and plastic link style belting offerings on the DynaClean conveyor line.

The scraper blade is easy to install and disassembles in a snap for regular cleaning and sanitizing. The spring tensioning unit is simple to adjust and ensures optimal blade-to-belt contact for maximum cleaning benefits. The spring tensioning minimizes blade wear and eliminates belt damage while maximizing cleanability.

Watch the video and see how easy the scraper blade is to tension, clean and maintain on the DynaClean conveyor system.