In February 2018 in Paris, France, during the most recent Europain show (one of the most popular shows dedicated to the world of pastry and bakery), the new brand identity of Flexipan, world-known for its flexible moulds, was revealed. This new identity results from a new organization of the brand Flexipan. The aim is to provide professional clients all over the world a clearer and more efficient understanding of its range of products: Flexipan becomes Flexipan Origine, Silform becomes Flexipan Air, and Flexipat becomes Flexipan Inspiration.

The brand Flexipan is an emblematic brand in the world of pastry and bakery, both in France and worldwide.

In order to capitalize on this very strong reputation, the Sasa Demarle Group wanted to reorganize its range of products by creating a "main" brand, Flexipan, composed of three brands, corresponding to three product lines:

• Flexipan Origine, formerly known as Flexipan: the moulds in this range revolutionized the world of pastry more than 20 years ago, with the combination of foodsafe glass fiber fabric and a unique silicone, specially developed by the company for the pastry and bakery industries;
• Flexipan Air, formerly known as Silform: the products in this range have a perforated texture that ensures a greater circulation of the heat, which is ideal for a crisp finish and a beautiful color;
• Flexipan Inspiration, formerly known as Flexipat: it is the high-performance solution for both straight-edged and complex shapes, 100% made of silicone and suitable for freezing as well as for cooking.
"Throughout this new identity, we want to better respond to our clients’ needs, by offering them an easier understanding of our product range. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen our position as the leader in the market for soft moulds for professionals," says Elsa Guillaume, marketing manager.

The Flexipan products remain identical to those marketed under the last brand identity.

"Our products have a strong reputation amongst the professionals from pastry and bakery for their unique quality and performance. It is this high level of demand for our products that inspired the baseline of our new Flexipan logo: the signature of excellence," explains Elsa Guillaume.

The products retain their high-end specificities, making the brand the market leader in France and internationally, for both sweet and savory recipes:

• A specially-formulated silicone for both baking and pastry-making
• A high life expectancy thanks to a construction that combines flexibility and resistance
• An optimum non-stick coating for perfect demoulding
• Even cooking and browning

In addition, Flexipan has decided to support the next steps towards the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie. The final of this competition will be held on January 27-28, 2019, during the Sirha exhibition in Lyon (France). This is the most iconic event of professional pastry in the world, bringing together and rewarding the best talents from all over the world. As a leading brand in the world of pastry, Flexipan wanted to support and be close to the candidates throughout this prestigious competition.