KPOP Foods, a new brand helping Americans discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors, has announced its partnership with SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in early stage companies online. SeedInvest’s rigorous due diligence process only accepts an elite 1 percent of all applicants to join its equity crowdfunding platform, KPOP Foods being their newest addition.

"Our partnership with SeedInvest represents how much KPOP Foods has grown in just over a year,” said Theo Lee, CEO and Co-founder of KPOP Foods. “Thanks to our amazing community of supporters, the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator, and now SeedInvest, we’re one step closer to achieving our dream of bringing Korean food and flavors to every retailer and American across the country.”

The rise in popularity of South Korean culture since the 1990’s, known as the “Korean Wave,” has influenced many Americans to develop an interest in Korean cuisine. Pinterest named Korean condiments as one of the top food trends to try in 2018. However, for the majority of Americans, Korean food is still new and inaccessible, ultimately inhibiting the pursuit of these mouthwatering flavors. KPOP Foods plans to solve this problem by becoming the household name brand that consumers can trust for the best Korean flavors.

KPOP Foods is a vibrant food brand helping Americans discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors through its unique products. The LA startup creates delicious food products such as KPOP Sauce, a versatile gochujang (Korean chili paste) sauce, and KPOP Sea Snacks, an organic roasted seaweed snack, so that today’s generation can easily take part in the sensory and social adventure that is Korean food.

“We will become the premier Korean food brand for America by continuing to introduce new, flavorful, and innovative products for everyone to enjoy,” said Lee.