Company: Wherefour

Technology Snapshot: A new release of Wherefour’s food and beverage traceability and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system now offers a pick and ship option that enhances traceability and direct to store (DSD) delivery schemes with easy drag-and-drop sorting optimized for mobile devices. The release also adds a standing order feature that automatically calculates production to meet the needs of customers whose delivery quantities vary, the company announced today. 

The new features are designed to aid bakeries and other producers that make local deliveries or need to manage production for shipment in varying quantities, said Matt Brown, founder and CEO. The pick and ship option works with bar code scanners or manually and has simple navigation by next and previous buttons, allowing users to select specific lot codes for individual customers, which enhances traceability. The DSD feature creates delivery routes that can be reordered as needed with drag and drop functionality, and since drivers typically work from phones or tablets, it is designed for ease of use on mobile devices, Brown said.

The standing order feature automatically calculates production requirements to fulfill orders for customers whose delivery requirements are variable, such as restaurants or grocers that need larger quantities on weekends, Brown said. “The beauty of modern ERP software is that it is so powerful you can pull a traceability report in seconds, but it is simple enough that someone who knows how to navigate a website can usually figure it out intuitively,” he said. “That makes it easy for a delivery driver to call up the route on a phone, see the sequence of delivery and quantities needed to fulfill the day’s orders.”