Jet Marking Systems (JMS) has added to their roster of partnerships by agreements with three labelling equipment manufacturers. JMS will serve as each company’s sales & services provider, including installation, operator training and ongoing maintenance. These additional collaborations solidify Jet Marking Systems’ steadily increasing growth, and provide enhanced, expedited solutions for its customer base.

The new partners span three countries. Great Engineering is an Australia-based labeling machinery manufacturer whose manual and semi-automatic bottle and container labellers are ideal for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Of note, GE’s generous 80 percent trade-in rebate, which JMS will honor, provides manufacturers a more affordable way to upgrade their labeling equipment as they grow in size.

Back in Canada, JMS has partnered with British Columbia’s own Accent Label. JMS will provide installation and maintenance services for equipment orders within a comprehensive line of automatic labelling equipment for pouches, bottles, jars, clamshells and cases. As a regional player itself, Accent Label’s team will assist JMS in fulfilling equipment orders based on specific customer configuration needs. Finally, EPSON Colorworks, based in Long Beach, California, produces printers intended for small- and medium-sized businesses seeking quality production and full control of label manufacturing. As part of the new collaboration, JMS will primarily focus on small organizations looking to ramp up production gradually while maintaining tight quality control.

The additional partnerships will help Jet Marking Systems’ customers in a variety of ways, including strategic equipment compatibility. For example, JMS can now streamline the purchase and install of a cohesive labeling system for small- and medium- manufacturers, thanks to seamless integration of certain machinery from Great Engineering and EPSON Colorworks. In addition to providing affordable semi-automatic bottle and container labeling machinery, the Colorworks printers easily mount onto GE’s labeling equipment. Such an end-to-end label generation and application system is ideal for smaller companies seeking to generate, print and apply labels in-house without the burden of cost restrictions or minimum capacity requirements.

“With these new partnerships, Jet Marking Systems will strive to bolster the companies’ presence in North America by spearheading sales and service initiatives,” said Dan Stickney, general manager of Jet Label & Packaging Ltd. “As in our existing partnerships, we look forward to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with Great Engineering, Accent Label and EPSON Colorworks.”