Company: Rexnord

Equipment Snapshot: Rexnord, a multi-platform industrial company offering the broadest portfolio of conveying solutions in the food processing industry, has announced a new Dual Detectable material for select KleanTop and TableTop conveyor belts. The new material—which can be detected in both metal and x-ray machines—offers an additional safeguard for food processors against product contamination.

“Product contamination and food recalls can be a costly event for our food processing customers. In addition to our durable belting designs, we are glad to offer another layer of protection against contamination with the Rexnord Dual Detectable material," said Chris Plier, director of global product management.

In addition to its dual detectability, the material comes in a unique blue color, making it easier for food processors to identify it on their production lines. Rexnord’s Dual Detectable material is offered in the KleanTop and TableTop series products listed below, including belting and attachments where applicable.

For more information on the new Rexnord Dual Detectable material for KleanTop and TableTop belts, or our offering of conveying solutions to the food processing industry, visit

For immediate technical assistance and ordering information, contact Rexnord at 1-866-REXNORD (within the U.S.) or +31 174 445 112 (outside the U.S.).