Company: Multi-Conveyor

Equipment Snapshot: Multi-Conveyor recently built a dual strand, roller chain conveyor with bucket-style attachments to transport loaves of bread - ultimately ending up at a robotic pick zone.

Alternating back-to-back buckets are horizontal and rotated 45-degrees. The back-to-back design was specified based on how the loaves were being both loaded and unloaded.

Dual strand stainless steel roller chain designs may have pre-tensioned linkage with attachments needed for the customized buckets. This design required every-other-bucket 45 degree rotation.

Another unique customer request were square cutouts in lower end of the buckets for customer-supplied photo eyes to detect product inside the buckets. Sanitary requirements were stainless steel, continuous and cleaned welded design .

Heavy duty brackets were added to mount inside the customer's bread making machine providing additional stability and alleviating any flex in the conveyor itself.  In general, the customer requested a "beefy design" for longevity, bucket placement and timing, simplistic bucket cleaning by removal and replacement of buckets, and overall maintenance purposes.

View the machine on YouTube at: