Company: Masterpack Group

Packaging Snapshot: The Masterpack Group a global supplier of FIBC packaging materials with nearly 100 years of expertise has developed a special technology for FIBC packaging known as (M-A-P) Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

This M-A-P technology moves the packaging of materials into FIBC/Big-Bag/Super-Sack to an entire new level with many benefits and cost savings over traditional packaging methods for these large types of packaging.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology can be applied to adjust oxygen levels within the packaging to the desired range. It enables the adjustment of the composition of the oxygen level inside the package. This makes it possible to control and monitor the decay- and oxidation process in a precise way in order to improve the supply chain management and shelf life. Combined with our non-invasive Sensor Spot technology, using a fluorescence signal to measure oxygen level inside the packaging, no openings whatsoever have to be made to the packaging material, preserving the quality inside and protecting it from contamination risks from the outside. These oxygen measurements can be repeated as often as needed without destructing the packaging in any way. In addition, all our bulk packaging is produced in Class 10,000 -100,000 Cleanrooms, further minimizing risks of contamination and pests.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology allows us to create a packaging environment in which products can be stored longer, without losing their quality. With customized Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Carbon Dioxide levels within FIBC’s or other size packaging, none of the color or taste of food products goes to waste. Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology can also be used as a way of natural fumigation, by creating Ultra-Low Oxygen levels, or flushing the packaging with Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide to protect (organic) produced food from insects.

Leaving the packaging intact using the non-destructive Sensor Spot technology, products are protected from external factors, and from pests and contamination. By producing all of our FIBC packaging in Clean Rooms, we further minimize contamination risks.

Combining the benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Sensor Spot technology, not only shelf life, but also overall sustainability in the supply chain is improved, by minimizing and preventing food waste.

All types of products such as Nuts, Foods, Ingredients, Pharmaceutical, Hemp, Chemicals, especially harvested products can benefit from this technology.

The M-A-P packaging technology provides the following benefits:

  • Greatly extended shelf life for the packaged materials.
  • Overall higher quality of the packaged materials.
  • Natural fumigation of the materials, no fumigation chemicals are needed.
  • Extremely low oxygen level inside of the packaging.
  • Infestation prevention, no more pests.
  • Harvest season can be extended, as harvested products can be stored for greater periods of time.
  • Higher volumes of packaged materials = lower handling & transport costs.
  • Cleaner and Greener way to package materials.