Company: Schuman Cheese


Introduced: October 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $200.00

Product Snapshot: Holiday shopping is poised to be more chaotic than ever this year given supply chain disruptions, but Whisps has launched a unique gift that’s 100 percent custom and ships in just two weeks.

From now through December 10, 2021, consumers can order personalized, edible cheese carvings courtesy of Whisps. Simply upload a high-resolution image (e.g. a pet, person or place) to and an award-winning cheese carver will create a custom sculpture made of 100 percent edible cheese that ships within 2 weeks and is sure to wow any cheese lover.

Custom carvings are $200, and Whisps is also offering 3 non-custom carvings for $49.99 each: a 90’s inspired flip phone (because nostalgia is always trending), a mini cheese grater (a perfect centerpiece for any charcuterie board!) and a dollar bill (because we could all use more $cheddar$).

Since launching the campaign on October 1, 2021, Whisps has already received multiple custom orders (including requests for Dolly Parton and RBG) and 85 percent of website visitors have been new, promising traction for the weeks ahead.