Company: Vegky

Introduced: January 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $7.99

Product Snapshot: Vegky, a vegan shiitake mushroom jerky snack packed with countless health benefits, was launched in August 2019. It all started with the owner, Thomas Hong, and his desire to become vegan since his college days. He had hard time finding a meat substitute with the tenderness and umami of real meat. He found a type of jerky made from shiitake mushrooms to eat in place of meat on his dinner plate and a snack in between meals to curb his hunger.

It hit the spot and he was able to give up meat completely. Unlike other mushrooms jerkies (made from the cap) that are rubbery and chewy, these are made from the stem of shiitake mushrooms and are meaty. The texture even has meat jerky lovers fooled. It’s bursting with umami and tenderness of meat, but without the cholesterol and it contains 12 grams of fiber per 70 gram bag.

Having a hard time finding a snack that is high in fiber? Look no further! Hong brought Vegky, a delicious vegan snack with five flavors (Original, Spicy, Pepper, Curry, and Wasabi) from his homeland of Taiwan, and it has steadily grown its market in the USA and abroad.

Vegky is having its package redesigned now and releasing a new flavor, Smoky BBQ, which will hit the market on January 2022. These are entering the shelves of beef jerky stores as the rise in demand for plant-based jerky that replicate the texture of beef jerky.