Company: Vegky

Introduced: September 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $8.00

Product Snapshot: Vegky is committed to making vegan food without compromising taste and quality. Satisfy your savory meat craving with Vegky’s first launch, shiitake mushroom jerky. They are minimally processed and bursting with flavor. The meaty texture will leave you wondering if this is really a mushroom! Plus, shiitake mushrooms are nutritious and packed with countless health benefits. These meaty jerky bites are jam packed with flavor ranging from curry and wasabi to pepper and spicy. You name it, there’s a variety to curb any craving

These nutritiously dense gems from nature contain health benefits ranging from antimicrobial properties to promoting skin, cardiovascular and skeletal health. Curb your hunger in between meals and be guilt free eating these gourmet mushrooms.