Company: Puratos Group


Technology Snapshot: The Puratos Group has unveiled a revolutionary remote customer support tool, the Digital AdvisAR. The app instantly connects bakers, patissiers, and chocolatiers to Puratos experts via augmented reality (AR) to help with trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

Digital AdvisAR is a fast, user-friendly and sustainable solution for all customers—artisan, industrial and in-store bakeries— seeking immediate expert advice on recipe, technical, and quality challenges. The launch of Digital AdvisAR is in addition to Puratos’ technical support offering and plays an important role in the company’s digitalization strategy.

With 600 technical experts located across 71 countries worldwide, Puratos has an exceptional in-person technical customer support offering. However, the need for new ways to support customers rose rapidly up the agenda when lockdowns worldwide put a stop on most travel.

“Although many businesses have initiated digitalisation strategies in response to the pandemic, this idea began before that, back in November 2019,” states Christophe Surdiacourt, group customer technical support director, Puratos. “It was inspired by a Harvard Business Review article advocating the use of AR strategy in many

More types of business because of its benefits for customer interaction. As digitalization is already a core part of our growth strategy at Puratos, we were excited to explore the opportunity and develop an app that could align with our customers’ needs for speed, quality, and efficiency. We’re thrilled that we can now respond so fast to guide and support them through their challenges, wherever they are," he says.

Digital AdvisAR can be downloaded from customers’ usual app stores. When help is needed, as long as they have an internet connection, they contact the Puratos team through the app. Using a link they quickly receive, they are connected with an expert and receiving AR support within minutes. Puratos’ technical advisor can see what the customer is seeing through their device, discuss it, draw on screen and visually demonstrate where the problem is and how to resolve it in a timely manner. When required, additional Puratos colleagues can also join, such as experts in a particular application. Enhanced technical support, with Microsoft’s HoloLens, is also available.

Customers will continue to receive in-person visits from technical advisors if issues cannot be resolved virtually. Digital AdvisAR was tested in several countries during the pandemic and will be launched first in Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, Turkey, and the U.S. The app is available in the user’s language and features universally user-friendly icons to navigate. Puratos plans to extend this revolutionary support tool to all other countries of operation to ensure that all customers are fully supported in the most efficient way possible.

Commenting on the launch, Surdiacourt continues: “Today’s bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers are exceptionally skilled, but even the  most experienced may occasionally encounter technical problems that could impact business. With the increasing digitalization of our technical service, customers will now have the option of first receiving virtual support with more flexibility and without the need to wait for an expert to arrive. This is more than an investment for Puratos, and we can’t wait for our customers to benefit from this new tool.”

For more information on the Digital AdvisAR app, please contact your local Puratos office.