Company: Spiroflow


Equipment Snapshot: Spiroflow’s semi-automatic bulk bag filling systems can now be made even more efficient with automatic pallet dispensers. The newest addition to Spiroflow’s dry bulk material handling equipment line, automatic pallet dispensers provide significant bulk bag handling labor cost savings and safety benefits vs. manually unloading and moving pallets. 

Spiroflow’s automatic pallet dispensers offer a throughput of up to 180 pallets per hour and a stack height of up to 20 pallets. The automatic dispensers are compatible with a wide range of wood or plastic pallet sizes from 36 to 48″ with minimal changeover time. Each unit is constructed with a heavy duty welded and bolted design and painted with a USDA compliant and durable polyurethane coating. 

Spiroflow’s automatic dispensers are highly configurable to fit the requirements of any existing facility, enabling loading and dispensing of pallets from any of three different axes. Each unit ships fully assembled for simple installation, and can be supplied with a micro-PLC control panel for standalone, manual, or automatic operation. 

Automatic pallet dispensers can be easily integrated into fully automated pallet handling and packaging systems. To learn more about whether a pallet dispenser is a good fit for your existing process, please click here.