Company: Rich Nuts


Introduced: October 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99-$14.49

Product Snapshot: Rich Nuts, the sprouted gourmet nut company seeking to nourish the planet by creating healthy, delicious food in a sustainable way, has debuted a comprehensive rebrand unveiling a new look and feel for its line of products.

The new look and packaging reflects Rich Nuts’ nature-focused aesthetic and commitment as a triple bottom line (TBL) business to regenerative practices and eco-friendly packaging.

Rich Nuts was founded by former LA County Firefighter and Paramedic Rich Pauwels, in search of the perfect nutrient-dense, sustaining snack while fighting California wildfires on the frontlines.

Pauwels said, "What I would do to fuel myself during these conflagrations was eat a bunch of nuts (mostly raw cashews) and trail mixes. Unfortunately that took a toll on my digestive system. I started feeling bloated with frequent discomfort in my stomach. At a loss of what to do, I began to do some research. I discovered that nuts, along with seeds and grains, have things called lectins and phytic acids that can wreak havoc on the gut. The solution, I found, was soaking and sprouting.  The only problem with soaking nuts, is that it leaves them mushy, which is not only a little gross to eat, but not practical to store as emergency food. That led me to dehydrating them which would both preserve them and bring back that crunch that we all love about nuts."

Rich Nuts can be found on Amazon, online and at boutique markets and high-end grocers throughout the U.S., including LA’s celebrity-favorite Erewhon Market where the brand is a top-seller. Completely organic, Rich Nuts are sprouted and germinated just enough to bring them to life and decrease lectins and phytic acid making their nutrients bio-available and easier to digest. Rich Nuts has a wide variety of gourmet flavors that are low-glycemic and paleo/keto-friendly, both sweet and savory, for a filling, sustaining, nutrient-dense snack or addition to a salad, cheese plate, or dish. Options include: Savory Sage Cashews (5oz. bag, SRP: $11.99), Brilliant Balsamic Walnuts (4oz. bag, SRP: $9.99), Curry Cashews (5oz. bag, SRP: $11.99), Maple Pecans(5oz. bag, SRP: $14.49), Cinnamon Walnuts(4oz. bag, SRP: $9.99), and Go Nuts & Berries(5oz. bag, SRP: $9.99).

Rich Nuts is a minority-owned (as well as first responder/veteran-owned) triple bottom line (TBL) business committed to regenerative practices and eco-friendly packaging. Made in LA.