Imported Italian Prosciutto and Salame paired with Provolone cheese, olives, and breadsticks are the ingredients of the classic Italian aperitivo that Veroni offers in its orange label tray of the Enjoy AperiTime line. It comes in a practical ready-to-share tray that contains 6-oz. of product, ideal for 2-3 people. The suggested retail price is $10-$12.

The Aperitime Pink Label includes pre-sliced prosciutto and salame paired with dried cantaloupe, provolone, and almonds. The Orange Label version includes the same meats but with provolone, olives, and breadsticks, and the Blue Label version includes coppa and salame paired with dried pears, provolone, and almonds.

The Italian family-owned cured meat producer has been bringing authentic Italian charcuterie to U.S. tables since 2016. With this line, Veroni aims to bring the experience of the aperitivo ritual to life for American consumers.