The Howe Company, located in Grove City, PA, is a full-line candy and nut distributor, as well as a purveyor of food service and gourmet coffees. The company recently announced it has acquired Mister Snacks to expand its nut and nut mix business.

Mister Snacks is a nut company located in Amherst, NY that provides a healthy alternative to chips, candy, or other snacks. Mister Snacks creates snack mixes by combining their high-quality nuts, dried fruits as well as other unique snacks from all over the world.

In December of 2021, Len Caric and Jim Rudolph acquired the Howe Company, which was previously owned by 3rd generation family members of George J. Howe. Since then, they have strived to uphold the “family” atmosphere and assure quality products to their customers. With 85 employees, including next generation family members Micaela May and Richie May—two of Howe’s great-grandchildren—the company expects continued growth through new channels and expanded territories. Currently the company distributes through 14 states from Indiana to the Jersey Shore, New York, and North Carolina. With added growth, the company looks forward to expanding its employee base in the Grove City Community.

Len Caric, co-owner and CEO of the Howe Company says, “We are excited to welcome Mister Snacks into the Howe Company. Mike Stern and Steve Stern did a great job building their company and their well-known Sunbird Snacks brand over the past 35 years. Mister Snacks gives us a new distribution channel to continue to grow our candy and nuts business.”

Francis Smith, president of the Howe Company says, “By acquiring Mister Snacks, we plan to expand our variety of nut products and meet consumer’s growing demand for healthy snacks. Mike and Steve’s commitment to high quality products has distinguished the Sunbird Snacks brand as premium snack provider. We are extremely excited about what this new opportunity will bring for the growth of the Howe Company and our customers.”

Mike Stern, co-owner of Mister Snacks says, “I knew when I met Len and Francis that the Howe Company has the same feel for people and business that we have had with our company and employees for decades. Our strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, and even competitors reflect how we’ve done business for 37 years. During this growing relationship and getting to know Len, Francis, and the Howe Company, I know that our legacy will carry on.”

For more information about the Howe Company, visit the store at 629 W. Main St., Grove City, call 800-367- 4693, or visit its website. Learn more about Mister Snacks here.