DakotaMB has announced that its new toasting line is online, adding capacity to the company’s existing toasting capabilities and helping to satisfy increased demand for crunchy toppings and granola. The new line was installed at the company’s Fargo, North Dakota facility, which also custom mills grains and pulses, as well as produces multigrain blends for the bread and snack food industries.

The toasting line will immediately increase production of two of DakotaMB’s most popular products:

  • Granola: Custom and standard toasted granola made with a blend of whole rolled oats, toasted wheat flakes, and brown sugar or honey.
  • Crunch Toppings: Toasted topping blends that add texture to donuts, cakes and other bakery foods.

“Texture is trending across the food industry, and toasted grains deliver an exceptional texture while maintaining a clean label on ingredient lists,” Tarrand Fiesel, DakotaMB’s vice president of sales and marketing, says. “By installing a new toasting line at our Fargo facility, we’re better able to serve the baking and food industry with crunchy toppings and granola.”

The new toasting line is currently processing doughnut crunch and grain flakes from barley, oats, rye, spelt, triticale, and wheat, with future plans to add toasted ancient grains and pulses to the company’s product lineup.