ṉtidote had introduced a collection of nutrient-dense functional foods and supplement powders created by celebrity chef and co-founder of ṉtidote life, Matthew Kenney.

The ṉtidote collection combines three top 2023 food trends—mushroom-based, nutrient-dense, innovative proteins—for maximum performance   

“ṉtidote proves that powerful functional foods can taste great,” says Co-Founder and Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney. “After spending decades perfecting the flavors of plant-based cuisine, this organic wellness collection showcases the best of what functional eating can be.”   

ṉtidote life combines Dr. Marashi and Chef Kenney’s mutual passion for internal wellness. Utilizing organic, sprouted, unprocessed, and all-raw vegan ingredients, each selection is crafted from some of the world’s most powerful superfoods to offer maximum nutritional benefit. A vast majority of commercially sold nuts are roasted or heated in a pasteurization process that can kill many of their natural nutritional benefits and expose consumers to cancer-causing carcinogens. Instead, ṉtidote’s organic nuts are sprouted and dehydrated. Sprouted nuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in water to germinate or begin to sprout, preserving their full functional benefit. 

ṉtidote's Sprouted Nut Blends (family or individual size pouches) include rich Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds or Cashews (SRP: $11); Pizzalmonds seasoned with sun-dried tomatoes, bell pepper, and basil (SRP: $10); or gourmet natural Sprouted Valencia Almonds (SRP: $10.50); and Salt and Vinegar Sprouted Almonds featuring Himalayan pink salt and raw coconut vinegar (SRP: $10.50). 

Sprouted nuts help to destroy toxins and increase nutrient absorption. The sprouting process is also known to improve the quality of bioactive compounds and makes food easier to digest. The Salt & Vinegar Trail Mix (3-oz. pouch) is a savory mix of sprouted almonds, sprouted cashews, raw pumpkin seeds, soaked & chocolate, and coconut sugar, flavored by Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney.