The latest trend in sweet snacks among younger generations is balance and mindfulness. In a survey of nearly 2,000 Americans over the age of 18, Loacker found that mindfulness in snacking is on the rise, especially for younger generations.

Loacker's survey affirmed that great taste remains a top priority for sweet snacks across all generations but revealed that Gen Z and millennials place a higher priority on balancing great taste with high-quality ingredients that support their lifestyle choices. Across all generations, taste was cited as the single biggest influence on snack choices. However, over 73% of Gen Z respondents cited quality as a key influence in how they choose sweet snacks now, compared to 50% of adults over 60—a major difference of 46% percent across generations. Moreover, 39% of Gen Z respondents reported "too much sugar" as one of the main things they try to avoid in deciding what sweet snacks to buy now—compared to just 30% of adults over 60.

"We're thrilled to see consumers embracing mindful snacking, recognizing the importance of making choices that fit their lifestyles and meet their needs," said TJ Rooney, president, Loacker USA. "At Loacker, we're committed to providing snacks that not only taste great, but also support a mindful approach to snacking, balancing real, high-quality ingredients and sugar content."

Loacker Quadratini not only meets the taste and quality demands of younger generations, but also of adults over 60 who reported avoiding artificial sweeteners in their sweet snacks more than any other generation. Loacker Quadratini have no artificial sweeteners and are Non-GMO Project Verified. They are made with 100% Italian hazelnuts roasted in house by Loacker, with milk from the Alps, from cows fed with Non-GMO feeds, authentic vanilla pods from Madagascar known for their premium quality and purity, and cocoa from Loacker's sustainability programs in Ecuador & Ivory Coast that guarantee transparency in the supply chain, fair working conditions for farmers, and respect for the planet's resources.