Ferrero Travel Market is set to further bolster its presence within the biscuit category—and stimulate sales in the food and confectionery sector—with the global travel retail debut of premium Belgian biscuit brand Delacre.

Established in 1870, Delacre is reportedly renowned for its high-quality biscuit portfolio, crafted using authentic Belgian chocolate. It has been a certified supplier to the Belgian Royal Court since 1879.

Fittingly for such a well-known Belgian brand, Delacre made its debut within the global travel retail channel at Brussels Airport. The launch is being supported by high-profile merchandising displays, featuring the brand’s signature green livery. The units showcase a curated selection of Delacre’s best-sellers, and invite travelers to “Take a piece of Belgium with you."

The Delacre portfolio incorporates a wide range of refined biscuit creations that combine authentic Belgian chocolate with traditional French pâtisserie specialties. Varieties include:

  • Biscuits assortment of the Tea Time 300g, Tea Time 500g, and the premium Royal Tin, created to celebrate 10 years of King Philippe’s reign
  • The Marquisette 175g and Biarritz 175g lines
  • Classic chocolate chip cookies collection, along with the Caramel Intense and Sablé Fondant

In recent years, Ferrero has worked hard to leverage the potential of the under-developed biscuit category in travel retail with its La Biscotteria concept. The Delacre launch will further support the company’s ambitions to grow sector sales, while satisfying shopper demand for quality and innovation.

“We are thrilled to showcase Delacre’s Belgian chocolate heritage to travelling consumers at Brussels Airport and build on our growing presence within the biscuit category with this exciting new launch, in line with our commitment to keep our offer fresh and enticing," says Sergio Salvagno, general manager, Ferrero Travel Market.

“Thanks to its diverse range of flavors and products, from buttery shortbread to chocolate-covered treats, the Delacre portfolio really does offer something for everyone. We are confident it will appeal to a broad range of passengers," Salvagno finishes.

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