Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), specializing in automation engineering, advanced material handling, end-of-line solutions, on-demand engineering services, and cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for warehousing and logistics, announced the joint appointment of Anna Jacobs and Mike Ingles to engineering services business development manager. 

The engineering services team has wide-ranging skillsets and expertise in the areas of industrial controls, automation consulting, robotic cell design and programming, and field support, as well as in electrical design with EPLAN and AutoCAD.  In addition, the team is widely trained in Ignition by Inductive Automation and the programming, deployment, and maintenance of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). AMT regularly assists a variety of clients requiring industrial automation integration expertise, including manufacturers, other system integrators, and OEMs. 

“Anna Jacobs is an outstanding member of the AMT team who brings a wealth of experience to the table, including a unique combination of skills in sales and marketing,” says Craig Salvalaggio, president, AMT. “She consistently goes above and beyond for our clients. With Anna’s involvement, AMT’s services department is poised for growth while continuing to deliver the innovative solutions and exceptional support that our industrial automation clients have come to expect.”

“I am honored to accelerate the sales and business development efforts for AMT’s Engineering Services department," says Jacobs. "With 75 highly-trained engineers on our team, we are dedicated to working with clients through any and every step of their industrial automation journey. With such a wide range of engineering expertise within our group, we are ready to work with all types of clients, including other system integrators as needed. I am excited to collaborate with Mike and our team as a whole to deliver remarkable robotics and automation solutions wherever they are needed."

“We are doubly excited to announce the promotion of Mike Ingles, joining Anna on AMT’s Engineering Services team,” remarks Salvalaggio. “Mike brings a wealth of experience to this role. He is a 35-year veteran of the automation industry with a deep understanding of the current state of the industry, as well as the general challenges surrounding robotics and automation projects. Working with Anna, the duo will drive our commitment to ensuring our services department remains at the forefront of the industry.”

In his previous roles at AMT as process engineer and program manager, Ingles has helped numerous clients achieve their production goals. His new role will expand the breadth and reach of his unique skillset and expertise to even more of AMT’s new and existing clients. “I am thrilled to take on this new role in Engineering Services working alongside Anna to support automation users,” says Ingles. “I look forward to working closely with all of our clients to help them achieve their production and business goals.”

To learn more, visit AMT’s engineering services web page and download a brochure.

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