Unexpected downtime for maintenance is costly. That’s why Videojet Technologies designed systems to keep the production flowing.


Unexpected downtime for maintenance is costly because the company is losing money every minute the production line isn’t moving.

    Snack food and bakery manufacturers know this situation well. These companies may run two shifts per day, six days per week, using variable data printers to mark lot codes and expiration dates on packaging. Typically, these printers require routine maintenance such as filter replacement every three to four months. Maintenance often takes several hours, and printer filter replacement can be a messy business.

    The Videojet 1510 small character continuous ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. sets a higher standard in marking and coding performance. It offers an intuitive user interface and a simplified fluid replacement system with the industry’s first microchip-enabled fluid bottle called “Smart Cartridge.” A unique printhead automatically adjusts to environment changes, resulting in consistently sharp print quality, even in challenging environments.

    Production lines in the snack food and baking industries can benefit from the Videojet 1510 because more predictable maintenance keeps lines moving. The Videojet 1510 requires preventive maintenance only every 9,000 hours - or, on average, every 18 months. The modular core is designed for simple replacement that typically takes just 30 minutes.

    Plus, the Videojet 1510 has no filters to change, and a countdown clock indicates the next required preventive maintenance for planning. One food and beverage producer who used the Videojet 1510 printer said, “I really like the predictability of the maintenance. I can plan my budget and technicians ahead of time.”