The use of sifting equipment to maintain food safety and quality management is more important today than ever.

These systems make it possible to control and monitor internal plant sanitation conditions and provide an indication of changing process conditions.

That’s why Great Western Manufacturing designed a compact, space-saving, pneumatic in-line sifter for the quality assurance and Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) needs of food operations with small to moderate production requirements.

The Model QA 24 is designed to simplify a bakery’s operation, maintenance and sanitation procedures by allowing for easy and quick access. It comes in versions for in-line or gravity-flow systems.

The nest-together sieve frame enables the system to be completely dismantled in minutes, and the QA Series features snap-on neoprene gaskets that require no adhesives for attachment.

This pneumatic sieve compression system has received third-party verified compliance to BISSC standards for the design and construction of equipment used in the baking industry. Since bran flakes in whole wheat flour require a coarser mesh than other white flours, it is crucial that accurate product testing be done to ensure the use of the proper mesh size. 

The Leavenworth, Kan.-based manufacturer also has a laboratory to evaluate product samples and make equipment recommendations to meet the user’s needs.For more information, visit

Editor’s Note: Great Western Manufacturing Co. provided information for this article.