During a tough economy, bakers and snack producers must continue to invest wisely.

Here’s the latest in new equipment for those producers who are looking to expand capacity, reduce changeover time, improve product consistency or lower labor costs.

Clextral’s extruders are designed to change the way snack manufacturers look at innovation in the snack industry. Recent improvements include the production of soy and rice crisps, multigrain chips and crackers in a variety of shapes and textures, filled bar and snack products and soy and high-fiber inclusions. Clextral extruders also make consumer-preferred crispy nuggets of soy, whey and rice that deliver healthy benefits and an interesting mouth-feel to breakfast snacks, granola mixes, nutrition bars and specialty bakery products.
Clextral Inc.
14450 Carlson Cir.
Tampa, Fla.

Hinds-Bock’s automatic loaf cake and muffin batter depositing systems add efficiency to the production process. The systems are designed with a dry ingredient depositor for nut pieces, chocolate chips, sugar, dry streusel and other flowable dry toppings. They include automatic pan oiling with single- or multiple-piston depositors for modest or large production requirements, automatic paper liner and foil denesters.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Wire Belt’s latest conveyor belt,CompactGrid, is hygienically designed to protect products from deadly pathogens like salmonella. Made of stainless steel, it contains 70% open area and can replace heavier balanced weave belts and hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. TheCompactGrid also is accepted by United States Department of Agriculture.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, N.H.

Delkor Systems has qualified as a machine builder partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program. Delkor’s participation marks an important milestone in a long working relationship between Rockwell Automation and Delkor, one that continues to result in packaging machines with increased operational flexibility at a lower cost. Delkor’s equipment is used by packagers in the snack and baking industries as well as by systems integrators in search of secondary packaging solutions. 
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Circle Pines, Minn.

MARQ Packaging offers a complete packaging line, comprised of a case erector bottom sealer, conveyor with packing station and top case sealer. Built for 24/7 operations, the line is constructed with heavy-duty steel and features polycarbonate guarding and a sleek powder-coated finish. The case erector is standard length and contains the dribble-feed shuttle hopper, which drops one case at a time onto the guide rails below.
MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc.
Yakima, Wash.

Heat and Control optimizes snack packaging by combiningIshidaequipment with its ATLAS universal bagmaker and CCW-R multihead weigher to create theIshida ATLAS iTPS. It delivers uniform bags with clean seals on a consistent basis at speeds up to 200 packages per minute, thus improving productivity and reducing film and product waste. Simple film loading and threading, automatic film centering and tensioning and a convenient vacuum-assisted film-splicing table can result in quick changeovers. Additionally, it makes 4- to 13-in. wide bags that are up to 28-in. long, which eliminates the need for dedicated lines for each bag size. A remote touch screen controls both the bagmaker and weigher.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

Ford Motor Co. expands its fleet lineup with the F-59 Super Duty Commercial Stripped Chassis, offering additional payload capacity, low step-in and loading heights and a walk-in entry for multi-stop, distribution and parcel delivery. Its integrated rear suspension system provides stable ride and handling, and is available in 158-, 178- and 208-in. wheelbase options. The chassis comes with a TorqShift 5-speed automatic overdrive transmission with tow and haul mode, a 6.8-liter gasoline engine, premium front and rear shock absorbers, robust steering and 50-degree wheel cut, and front and rear four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes.
Ford Motor Co.
Dearborn, Mich.

AMF Bakery Systems introduces the KX-T Dough Divider/Rounder, designed for tortillas and frozen and hard-roll dough. The divider/rounder can make quick product changeovers and comes with adjustable rounding systems for a wide range of sizes and precision scaling accuracy without variation from beginning to the end of a dough. The system also comes in small footprints for easy replacement of old drum dividers and rounders and has single auger for gentle dough handling at low pressure.
AMF Automation Technologies
Richmond, Va.

Ashworth has created a solution for bakers and snack producers to pinpoint undetected high-tension problems and prevent spiral breakdowns. The new Tension Gauge records a belt’s tension throughout each tier in a spiral conveyor. Ashworth service operators can analyze the system and make recommendations to correct any unforeseen or potential problems. Measuring belt tensions of up to 650 lbs. in spiral systems, the gauge allows for more than normal operating tensions to account for every possible spiral application. It is designed to operate in ambient or freezer conditions. As a result, tension measurements can be taken in fully operational freezers and coolers and can be used on virtually every spiral with tier spacing as low as 2 in.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Winchester, Va.

AM Manufacturing offers a nimble and compact machine designed to automate the process of rounding dough balls. This system can round dough from 1 to 32 oz. at 7,200 pieces per hour, and no adjustments are necessary for various size dough balls. To operate, bakers just need to plug it in, switch it on, and at the end of the day, it takes only a few minutes to clean up.
AM Manufacturing Co.
Dolton, Ill.

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Photo courtesy of Wire Belt Co.