Check out what some of the exhibitors will be displaying at iba 2009.

Nearly 1,000 companies from across the world will travel to Düsseldorf, Germany, to attend this year’s exhibition, which runs from Oct. 3-9. The show will feature dozens of ingredient and new product applications, as well as the latest in state-of-the-art equipment.

DFE Meincke will launch an oven for bread production that combines radiation and convection heat and is mounted with the heat recovery unit, which reduces the energy consumption by 15%. Moreover, DFE Meincke will present a high-speed rotary moulder for cracker production, a twin-head cake depositor and a triple depositor/extruder type V50 with the newest equipment.
DFE Meincke
Alsip, Ill.
iba Hall 14, Booth A29/B30

Dunbar Systems’ mission is to assist its customers in achieving their “vision” by providing premier system solutions for their production needs. Since 1982, Dunbar has continued to be a provider of knowledge-based design and engineering services to the baking industry. Dunbar formulates these solutions with strategic analysis of the current environment, planning and design automation for optimum performance, state-of-the-art equipment and engineering services and experienced project management for precise execution.
Dunbar Systems, Inc.
Lemont, Ill.
iba Hall 16, Booth E38

Eight master bakers will take turns at the Fritsch USA booth demonstrating the Laminator 300+. With the Multicut, the Laminator 300+ fits right in withSoftProcessing, which is designed to ensure the gentlest handling of the dough throughout the entire production process. Fritsch also will showcase a Mediterranean croissant especially designed to show off the amazing capabilities of the SCS croissant coiler in combination with the new key-control unit for croissants.
Fritsch USA
Cedar Grove, N.J.
iba Hall 15, Booth C11/D12

Koenig will feature a wide variety of equipment at its exhibit for bakers of all sizes.
For example, Koenig will demonstrate its stress-free roll lines that include the Artisan SFC divider, the Artisan SFR roll line, the Artisan SFI industrial line, the Ceres bread line and its Menes lamination line. For roll producers, the company will feature its KGV industrial roll plant and its Combi line roll plant. Bakers also can check out Koenig’s Roto Passat oven and its array of spiral and twin mixers. Contact Rich Breeswine, national sales manager, for more information.
Koenig Technology USA
Richmond, Va.
iba Hall 17, Booth A30/A31/B32

Kwik Lok Corp. is a manufacturer of world-class semi-automatic and automatic machinery and the inventor of the Kwik Lok bag closure, which is a degradable plastic “tab” or “bread clip.”
Kwik Lok celebrates 60 years of providing bag-closing solutions with printing options for today’s recall and traceability concerns. Stop by the Kwik Lok booth and see one of the earth’s most environmentally friendly closures in action.
Kwik Lok Corp.
Yakima, Wash.
iba Hall 9, Booth F17/G18

Lawrence Equipment is a provider of hot-pressed production lines. Rates vary from 1,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour. Pressed flatbreads are one of the fastest growing product lines in the bakery market. Tortillas, wraps, Turkish durum, chapatti and roti are all variations of their original flatbread. However, now they are pressed to form rather than sheeted. Part of the appeal of these products outside of their original ethnic origins is their versatility, convenience and low cost to produce. They can be packed with various types of filling, from fruit to meat, and can be handheld or eaten on the go. However, press forming yields a moisture barrier that is created by the gelatinization of the starch on the skin of the product. This provides excellent elasticity and a guard against fillings that would otherwise saturate the bread and leak onto the consumer.
Lawrence Equipment
South El Monte, Calif.
iba Hall 9, Booth E11/F12

RONDO, the former Rondo Doge group, will showcase its new brand, along with numerous innovations at iba 2009. For example, RONDO presents an industrial bread line, which is designed for the most modern bakery in Europe. In addition, producers of croissants and pastry products can expect to see interesting innovations. In the spirit of Dough-how & more, RONDO presents its company’s core competencies in a unique manner.
Rondo Inc.
Moonachie, N.J.
iba Hall 16, Booth C11/E12

The WP Bakery Group is the baker’s company. The competence centers of WP and Kemper work hand-in-hand according to the company’s “think process!” philosophy to offer innovative solutions for the entire bakery process. Consistent high quality and economic efficiency is only possible when all bakery sub-procedures are coordinated precisely. All processes for artisanal and industrial bakeries - from mixing, kneading, dividing and forming loaves to prebaking, cooling and in-store baking - will be featured at the show. In addition, iba 2009 show visitors can experience live baking and meet with experts to discuss total cost of ownership, energy savings, economic efficiency and added value.
WP Bakery Group USA
(dba: Kemper Bakery Systems)
Shelton, Conn.
iba Hall 10, Booth D41

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