The New Year brought along a lineup of new ingredients, including seasoning blend bases, gluten replacements, functional fibers and more.

The New Year brought along a lineup of new ingredients, including seasoning blend bases, gluten replacements, functional fibers and more. SensoryEffects offers a wide range of specialty ingredient systems designed to add a new twist to an old favorite. The lineup of formulas includes caramel apple crisp, cinnamon pumpkin muffins, cranberry pear sugar cookies and fruit holiday cupcakes.
SensoryEffects Flavor Systems

Bridgeton, Mo.

Cargill introduces Starrier starch, a new “super load” starch carrier that overcomes the inefficiencies of traditional lower-load bearing carriers and the expense and complexity of spray drying for liquids and oils. Derived from identity-preserved non-GMO maize, Starrier provides a clean label and can be declared as simply “starch,” “maize starch” or “corn flour.”
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Quality Ingredients offers QuIC-Base, which is a line of seasoning blending bases designed for use in seasoning formulations at levels of 2-10%. This line consists of free-flowing, neutral-tasting white powders and facilitates rapid and complete blending of particulates in plant production. In addition, it imparts richness and a creamy mouthfeel in seasonings used in both topical and culinary applications and enhances adhesion of seasonings to food surfaces. Furthermore, it contains between 55-75% fat and has zero trans-fat content.
Quality Ingredients Corp.
Burnsville, Minn.

Suntava’s all-natural purple corn color is an alternative to petroleum-derived synthetic food dyes, developed for tortillas, tacos, chips and other snacks. The whole grain from the purple corn delivers a high-antioxidant value and is rich with vitamins and minerals.
Suntava, LLC
Afton, Minn.

Wixon’s Mag-nifique for Stevia enhances sweetness and reduces the lingering aftertaste caused by stevia, a sugar substitute recently launched in the United States. Mag-nifique for Stevia can be used in desserts, snacks and baked goods without impacting a product’s texture, nutritional panel, chemical behavior or heat stability. The taste modifier also does not break down or alter a product’s flavor in cooking, freezing or shelf-life applications.
St. Francis, Wis.

Dow Wolff Cellulosics released METHOCEL gluten replacement, which is designed to enhance food, provide moistness throughout the product’s shelf life, prevent collapse during baking and avoid the gas or bloating effects associated with many other sources of fiber.
Dow Wolff Cellulosics
Midland, Mich.

Caravan Ingredients has developed cutting-edge technology for structuring fats and oils. The Trancendim product line of high diglycerides excels in structuring oils, shortenings and margarines and works well in many applications. It facilitates a variety of ways to create no-trans products with significant reductions in saturated fat, without sacrificing taste, mouthfeel or flavor release. The Trancendim line also eliminates hydrogenation from the label allowing it to simply read mono- and diglycerides, according to the company.
Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kans.

Solanic High Performance Ingredients presents Solanic Potato Proteins, which are clean-label, allergen-free proteins that are Kosher, vegetal and natural and offer great potential for innovation in new product development and texture creation. For example, the use of these potato crumbs in a gluten-free bakery help to improve crumb volume and softness, while restoring the nutritional protein balance, according to the company. Additionally, these proteins offer excellent emulsifying capacity, powerful gelling ability and good water-binding functions.
Solanic High Performance Ingredients
Veendam, The Netherlands
31 (0)598 66 28 49  

SunOpta Ingredients Group expanded its portfolio of functional fibers to include organic and conventional pea fiber. SunOpta has entered into a distribution agreement with Best Cooking Pulses of Canada who will produce SunOpta Pea Fiber. This environmentally friendly ingredient has a bland flavor, light color and smooth texture making it an excellent choice for fiber fortification. Furthermore, it can be incorporated into a wide variety of foods including nutrition bars, breads and crackers, among others. Pea fiber is non-allergenic, non-GMO and gluten-free and contains up to 90% dietary fiber.
SunOpta Ingredients Group
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

David Michael & Co. introduces DM Flavor Sensations, a line of flavor modifiers that can assist manufacturers in achieving a more flavorful and healthier product at a lower cost. DM Choice Natural Flavor Salt Type allows up to a 30% reduction of sodium and delivers the same amount of flavor impact. DM Choice natural potassium blockers can be used to decrease the bitterness and metallic off-notes often associated with potassium salts. Natural Flavor Acidity Blocker Type and Natural Flavor Astringency Masker Type are available in liquid form and can be used in baked goods, nutritional bars, and more.
David Michael & Co.

Philadelphia, Pa.

**Photo courtesy of SensoryEffects Flavor Systems