Since 1899, Bay State Milling has provided exceptional quality flour and grain-based food products. It is a commitment that extends beyond Bay State’s understanding of advanced milling processes and technologies, and draws upon its ability to understand and embrace the changes customers face.

In fact, the Quincy, Mass.-based company has leveraged its flexible manufacturing capabilities, ever-expanding research and development resources and passion for custom collaboration to create an extensive array of products to satisfy a wide variety of grain-based food ingredients.

BakingEssentialsincludes Bay State Milling’s traditional flour brands and classic mixes, bases and concentrates to support customers’ conventional grain-based and gluten-free food needs.

GrainEssentialsoffers customers an array of flours, mixes, bases and concentrates to help customers develop whole grain products.

OrganicEssentialsprovides customers with organically certified flours, mixes, bases and concentrates.

EthnicEssentialsconsists of flour, mixes, bases and concentrates that help customers develop grain-based food products for a variety of ethnic markets.

Whether you are seeking new methods for incorporating whole grains, ways to lead the push toward health and wellness or need help in creating the grain-based foods of the future, Bay State Milling has the expertise and the affinity for change to ensure your success.

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Editor’s Note:Bay State Milling Co. provided the information for this article.