The American Society of Baking (ASB), Kansas City, Mo., announced its 2011 Hall of Fame Inductees at its BakingTech conference in Chicago last week.

James Apple of Butter-Krust Baking Co., Sanbury, Pa.; E.E. Kelley of ButterKrust Bakery, Lakeland, Fla.; Ken Klosterman of Klosterman Baking Co., Cincinnati; and Alexander Weber of Caravan Products Co., Totowa, N.J., are the 2011 Baking Hall of Fame inductees announced March 7 at the American Society of Baking’s (ASB) annual BakingTech conference. The ceremony was part of opening general sessions during BakingTech, which took place Feb. 28-March 2 in Chicago. ASB, Swedesboro, N.J., presents individuals who have demonstrated significant accomplishments in the baking industry and have proven their leadership through their innovations and advancements.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are made by ASB members and non-members. This year, 40 candidates were nominated. The honorees are now a part of an exclusive, 35-member group that has influenced the baking industry for many years.

The inductees include Apple, who serves as president of Butter-Krust, which licensed theHolsumbrand from The Long Co. back in the 1950s and became the first bakery in its region to market cellophane-wrapped bread.

Kelley was president and chairman of the Quality Bakers of America, president of the American Bakers Association (ABA) and president and chairman of ButterKrust Bakery, considered the largest single bakery in Florida.

Klosterman began a family business in Cincinnati more than 100 years ago and transformed it into three large wholesale operations. Klosterman was the first to create a square loaf of bread, the first to offer brown-and-serve rolls, the first hamburger bun and the first buns packaged in plastic wrap.

As a highly influential leader at Caravan Products, Weber led Caravan to develop and produce cutting-edge products, including a wide range of baking bases, concentrates and dough processing innovations.