International business research and strategy consulting firm Frost & Sullivan presents European-based Roquette with the 2010 Product Differentiation Excellence award for itsNutralyspea protein. The award recognizesNutralysas a protein that is not only a reliable and competitive springboard for innovation, but also one whose neutral taste and odor meet critical market demands.

Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting firm specializing in new market opportunity analysis. The awards offered by Frost & Sullivan celebrate companies that achieve exemplary performances in their sectors.

In bestowing this award, Frost & Sullivan has identified Roquette’s continual strategies for improvement, particularly related to the sensory profile of pea protein, and has accredited the significant development of a differentiated pea protein with a more neutral taste and odor. 

At present, the taste of vegetable proteins persists in being one of the foremost developmental obstacles. In order to be successful, pea protein Isolates need to have a neutral taste, which will not impact the characteristic organoleptic qualities of the finished products.

Upon the discovery of an exclusive process, Roquette assumed the challenge of disabling the taste of pea protein and launched a new version of its protein:Nutralys S85F. The protein’s greatly reduced “green” notes enable greater inclusion rates to be achieved in formulations such as dairy, dietary and slimming products and those dedicated to sports enthusiasts. By improving the sensory profile of pea protein, Roquette has expanded the application prospects of the ingredient.