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GENEVA, ILLINOIS —March 22, 2012—Roquette America enriches chocolate with NUTRALYS® pea protein, which provides enhanced nutrition, production efficiency, and consumer appeal to products that traditionally use standard chocolate and coatings. 

Roquette America’s team at the new Customer Innovation Center in Geneva, Illinois, is excited to introduce its newest formulation breakthrough, chocolate enhanced with NUTRALYS® pea protein. Due to its amino acid profile and exceptional dispersibility, NUTRALYS® pea protein boosts the nutrition profile of chocolate without changing the chocolate’s texture, melt character, or taste. 

Kate Jacobsen, Senior Project Coordinator for Confectionery Applications, notes, “NUTRALYS® pea protein can be added to chocolate at up to 16% without affecting processing conditions. Even at the high inclusion rate of protein, standard temperatures and time used for mixing, refining, conching, and tempering the chocolate require absolutely no changes.” 

In addition to boosting protein content, NUTRALYS® pea protein offers chocolate manufacturers an edge in appealing to the rapidly growing health and wellness consumer segments that want clean labels, allergen-free products, and traceable and safe ingredients. 

Harshal Kshirsagar, Product Manager for Nutralys® pea protein, adds, “Unlike proteins derived from soy or wheat, NUTRALYS® does not require allergen labeling. Moreover, it’s non-GMO and processed naturally, so it aligns with clean labeling guidelines.” 

“This is a big step forward not only for Roquette but for all those who partner with us in product development. As a replacement for dairy protein, NUTRALYS® is an incredibly efficient source of protein,” says Craig Glover, Business Manager of Human Nutrition; “with 98% digestibility, and as a powder ingredient, it has excellent flow and dispersion properties.” 

NUTRALYS® has digestibility similar to that of the best animal protein and is a purified protein source with no residual complex sugars. Chocolate made with NUTRALYS® pea protein can be used literally any place that standard chocolate is currently used, and it offers opportunities for chocolate manufacturers to expand their reach into the health and wellness based consumer market segments.


Roquette is known worldwide for its expertise in processing renewable vegetable raw materials to create innovative products for the food industry. Through Roquette America and its Customer Innovation Center, that reputation continues to grow with NUTRALYS® pea protein. To learn more about how NUTRALYS® can enhance your chocolate-based product, expand its consumer appeal, and increase production efficiency, contact Roquette America to discuss how they can collaborate on your next breakthrough chocolate-based product.

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