Shoppers in The Netherlands and Germany can purchase Rondeel eggs in compostable, injection-molded cartons made of a foamed starch/fiber material from PaperFoam bv., Barneveld, The Netherlands. The carton is lightweight and renewable, and has other commercial packaging applications. 

In close cooperation with Rondeel, PaperFoam is bringing its first “egg box” compostable egg carton to market. The Rondeel system is a new concept in sustainable egg layer housing systems for hens, based on the idea of finding the balance between public acceptance, the well being of farmers and the welfare of the chickens.

The new PaperFoam egg packaging is made from a 100%-bio-based material. After use, the carton can be recycled with paper or can be composted, if desired. The great advantage of PaperFoam over conventional egg packaging is the low carbon footprint and the lightweight.
More information about PaperFoam packaging is available at or  +31(0) 880 011 541.