Company:Attune Foods, San Francisco
Web site:
Introduced: June
Suggested Retail: $1.19 for a 0.7-oz. individual bar; $7.59 to $7.99 for a seven-bar, 4.9-oz. box
Product Snapshot: Attune’s Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Dark Chocolate bars combine the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate with whole, crunchy coffee beans or sweet raspberries. The Almond Milk Chocolate variety delivers chunks of almonds in sweet milk chocolate. Each all-natural bar is less than 100 calories and is packed with more than 6.1 billion colony-forming units of probiotic cultures.
Ingredients (Almond Milk Chocolate):Chocolate coating (cane juice crystals, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, inulin, non-fat dry milk, calcium carbonate, anhydrous butter oil, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], vanilla), almonds, 6.1B probiotic cultures (bifidobacterium lactis HN019, lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, lactobacillus casei LC-11. Contains: milk, soy, almonds.