Bakers Hampered by the Current Crystal-honey and Molasses Shortage can Count on a Brand-new Alternative — Sweet ‘n’ Neat dry Molasses and Honey Crystal Blends — From ADM to Keep Their Output Flowing Without Compromising Quality. Designed for use in Bagels, Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Snacks and Seasonings, the Blends Emphasize Flowability and Provide Sweet and Clean Flavor in an Easy-to-use Form. 1-800-637-5843.

Imagine preparing a great-tasting cake that is trans fat-free and has less than half the fat of a regular crème cake. In a blind taste test, consumers liked Puratos Tegral Reduced Fat Cake as much as its standard counterpart with respect to flavor, moisture, texture and appearance. 1-800-654-0036.

ADM announced the launch of Cal-Mor calcium citrate, a highly bio-available and directly compressible calcium source for the food industry. ADM will offer the soluble ingredient for a wide variety of applications including baked goods, snacks, desserts and more. Beyond its proven power for building strong bones and teeth, calcium may provide a host of benefits for overall health and well-being including cardiovascular and colon health and preventing the development of osteoporosis. 1-800-637-5843.

Tate & Lyle’s Rebalance System 33 Cereal Bar Ingredients provide binding and cohesion to sheeted food bars. The system can be used to increase the protein content while allowing a 25% to 40% reduction in sugar and a 33% reduction in total carbs. In low-fat products, the binder achieves higher protein and lower sugar levels without altering fat content. 1-800-526-5728.

The SAPORESSE line of lactic yeast products by Synergy Flavors can achieve a 30% salt reduction in snacks. Lactic yeast also can provide extended shelf life in a variety of products. The yeast is a natural ingredient, offering a clean consumer label. Synergy Flavors, formerly U.S. Flavors & Fragrances, is a member of the Irish-based Carbery Group.

Accurate Ingredients, a supplier of a wide range of food ingredients from producers worldwide, launched its newly redesigned website: The site enables visitors to search through ingredient offerings from major suppliers to find the products they need, including a wide range of traditional, natural and organic food ingredients. Contact Eric Wieland at 1-516-496-2500.

Caravan developed a new Whole Grain Bagel Base which will meet all government TFF labeling requirements. The base is a blend of seven different tasty grains that produces a unique, crunchy bagel. 1-800-526-5261.

SK Food International introduces a new line of Certified Organic Dehydrated Drum Dried Instant Quick Cook Powders/Flakes. The powders/flakes are drum dried and can be modified to meet customer specifications. Applications include bean filling, chips, thickeners and gluten-free baking. Specifically, the soybean powders/flakes are ideal as main ingredients in instant cereal and pudding. All of the types of powders/flakes re-hydrate imminently with cold to hot water and are not enzyme active. 1-701-356-4106.

Gum Technology Corp. offers a full line of fiber adding Coyote Brand hydrocolloids that provide desired functional benefits at low usage levels and low cost. Since they do not mask flavor, Gum Technology hydrocolloids have no impact on flavor profile. Most Gum Technology Coyote Brand gums and fibers are OU Kosher certified. 1-877-GUM-TECH.

As an exciting new innovation, Puratos’ Filone rises above other artisan breads. The Filone is a distinctly Italian interpretation of the French baguette, invigorated with a blend of natural, slow-fermented sours. Unsurpassed flavor, crispy crust and a moist open crumb are all the hallmarks of this specialty bread. 1-800-654-0036.

Founded in 1941, MGP Ingredients, Inc. has been serving the food industry for more than six decades. It has pioneered the development of specialty proteins and starches derived principally from wheat, resulting in a wide range of ingredient solutions for various product applications. These solutions provide myriad functions and benefits for bakery and prepared foods, including moisture management, shelf-life extension, fiber enrichment, fat reduction and texture enhancement. 1-800-255-0302.