Minsa Corp. Offers certified organic Corn Masa Flour, Produced Through the Nixtamalization Process. This Leaves the Corn Flavor Intact and Provides an Authentic Taste That Can’t be Duplicated. Minsa Prides Itself in Meeting Market Demands With Naturally Grown Corn for the Snack Food Industry.
Minsa Corp.
Muleshoe, Texas

shortenings, margarines and oils from Bunge Oils deliver trans-reduction performance to finished foods with products such as its Vream RighT all-purpose shortening, Tri-Co RighT dough shortening for breads, Victor RighT margarine for cakes and icings, Puff RighT margarine for pastries and Nutra-Clear HS spray oil.
Bunge Oils
St. Louis

MGP Ingredients, Inc. has been serving the food industry for more than six decades. It has pioneered the development of specialty proteins and starches derived principally from wheat, resulting in a wide range of ingredient solutions for various product applications. These solutions provide myriad functions and benefits for bakery and prepared foods, including moisture management, shelf-life extension, fiber enrichment, fat reduction and texture enhancement.
MGP Ingredients
Atchison, Kan.

Natural Butter Flavor 1004011
by Edlong Dairy Flavors is a highly concentrated dairy ingredient with recommended usage levels averaging only 0.26% in bakery formulations. Formulated with Edlong’s proprietary double encapsulation technology, the butter flavor lends an upscale taste of sweet, melted butter with a hint of caramel in the background to products ranging from croissants, desserts and cookies to biscuits, buns and biscotti.
Edlong Dairy Flavors
Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Rivland Partnership offers natural brown rice meal, which is a specially prepared rice meal produced from whole grain brown rice or par-boiled brown rice. Ideal as a nutritional ingredient in natural snacks and bakery mixes, natural brown rice meal is available in 45-lb. paper bags and in bulk.
Rivland Partnership
Houston, Texas

Pizzey’s Milling’s specialty flaxseed ingredients are easy to blend into existing operations, can be included in formulations at a low cost, provide strong label copy and add to the overall enhancement of bread products with Omega-3, protein, increased fiber and non-GMO claims. Pizzey’s Milling
Gurnee, Ill.