AM Manufacturing Company
14151 Irving Ave.
Dolton, IL 60419
Tele: 1-708-841-0959
Fax: 1-708-841-0975
Web site:
iba Booth Location: Hall B1, Booth Nos. 108 & 209
Since 1961, AM Manufacturing is the world leader in dough processing equipment. AM produces dough dividers, dough rounders, pizza and tortilla presses, dockers, as well as offering our engineering services the design of entire pizza and tortilla lines. We also design engineered-to-order proofers, cooling conveyors, press dies and special conveyors. AM also provides labor-saving equipment (dough divider / formers) for the bagel industry.
29-33 King Road
Tel: +(011) 61 2 9476 1144
Web site:
iba Booth Location: Hall B3, Booth 412/511
Auto-Bake is a global designer and supplier of ovens and baking systems. Based on the company’s innovative Serpentine baking technology, Auto-Bake continuous baking systems are custom-designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of baking applications, including the production of cakes, muffins, cookies/biscuits, pies, desserts, and bread and proofed products.
Auto-Bake offers flexible and tailored medium- to high-capacity baking solutions that are uniquely compact and energy efficient. The company’s expansive and fast-growing customer base ranges from large-scale corporations through to smaller entrepreneurial enterprises. Auto-Bake ovens and baking systems are installed throughout the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.
Cereal Ingredients, Inc.
4720 South 13th Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Tele: 1-913-727-3434
Fax No.: 1-913-727-3681
Contact: Jim Thomasson
iba Booth Location: Hall B-1, Booth 315
Cereal Ingredients, Inc. (CII), headquartered in Leavenworth, Kan., was established in 1990 to research, develop and market unique food ingredients. CII produces fruit analogs and inclusion pieces that add flavor, texture and color to baked goods, cereals, and pre-blended mixes that create swirl effects in bakery products.
Products are specially formulated for specific client needs, offered in a variety of sizes, flavors, textures, and produced using our patented extrusion technology. Flav-R-Bites pieces stand up to heat and moisture. CII offers no trans fat and non-GMO products. Introducing high-protein and whole-grain Nutri-Bites, non-trans fat with special nutritional qualities, including added levels of protein, vitamins and minerals.
Kaak Group North America
351 Thornton Road, Suite 123
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Tele: 1-800-367-2504
Web site:
iba Booth Location: Hall B3. Booth 102/309
The Kaak Group North America, one of the largest suppliers of automated industrial bakery equipment in the world, will have its full line of technologically advanced solutions on display at IBA. Applications range from ingredient handling, mixing, make-up, proofing, baking, cooling and freezing. We are your “silo to truck” solution.
Lawrence Equipment
2034 North Peck Rd
South El Monte, Calif. 91733
Tele: 1-626-442-2894
Fax: 1-626-350-5181
Contact: Mr. Tim Hulsey, International Sales
iba Booth Location: Hall B-1 Booth 110, 211
Lawrence Equipment engineers and produces a full array of component machines designed to optimize production of flat breads (like tortillas, roti, or pizza) with either wheat flour or corn based doughs. Lawrence Equipment produces the highest production rate machinery available with worldwide acceptance of its technology and reliability.
Lawrence specializes in turn key automation as well as support for the project from layout to in-class and on site training.

Moline Machinery
P.O. Box 16308-0308
Duluth, MN 55816-0308
Tele: 1-800-767-5734
Fax: 1-218-628-3853
Web site:
iba Booth Location: Hall B1 Stand 10 US Pavilion
Moline Machinery is the world’s leading producer of automated equipment for the production of cake and yeast donuts. At iba 2006 we are featuring a live display of the original “Lincoln Donut Machine” designed in the 1920’s by Adolph Levitt — the founder of DCA. Moline purchased DCA’s equipment division in 1995 and continues its legacy of supplying innovative and productive donut equipment to the baking industry.
Quantum Topping Systems
9524 W. Gulfstream Road
Frankfort, IL 60423
Tele: 1-815-464-1540
Fax: 1-815-464-1541
Web site:
iba Booth Location: Hall B1, Booth 208
Quantum Technical Services manufacturers high-speed, automated target sauce applicators, waterfall and target topping applicators, and slicer-applicators. Primarily used in the pizza industry, our topping equipment can be used to apply sauce, cheese, IQF ingredients, streusel, crumb, dry ingredients, and many other ingredients. Quantum has supplied production equipment since 1991.
Shaffer Manufacturing Corporation
1186 Walter Street
Lemont, IL 60439
Tele: 1-630-257-5200
Fax: 1-630-257-3434
iba Booth Location: Hall B3 Stand 415
Shaffer Manufacturing offers bakers the perfect mix of quality, service and dependability. For more than 20 years, Shaffer has produced a wide range of innovative, durable and reliable mixing systems from our Sidney, Ohio, manufacturing facility. Our mixers come in a variety of sizes and agitators to suit your needs. They are available with high-speed roller bar, single-sigma or double-sigma arms agitators; in enclosed or open-frame design; and as stand-alone mixers or fully automated, integrated mixing systems to include dough pumps, dough chunkers, trough elevators and stainless dough troughs. Rely on our team of knowledgeable sales representatives, experienced engineers and skilled craftsmen to accommodate your special needs by custom building a mixing system to your exact specification.
The Shaffer Advantage delivers special features and benefits that guarantee maximum production efficiencies, improved product and uniform dough processing–even with the stiffest of doughs. Our innovative High Speed Mixer Superbowl bowl design, can provide shorter mixing times, colder doughs and faster dough development.
The Shaffer “SuperMixer” Design (patent pending) is unique with its tubular frame and direct drive. The “SuperMixer” Design maximizes the ability to sanitize the mixer, while the direct drive minimizes the maintenance procedures required with the chain or belt drive associated with other mixer designs.
Bakers can depend on Shaffer for complete turnkey service. We’ll get your mixing system to when you need it, and install it quickly. Your personnel will learn not only how to run your new Shaffer for optimal efficiency, but also how to produce the best quality product. And, our entire company stands behind you with quality customer service long after the sale is completed. Shaffer...the perfect mix of quality, service and dependability.