Plan to Attend Day in D.C.

Snack Food Association members are encouraged to begin planning now to attend the 2008 Day in D.C. Spring Summit May 13-15. Support the association as it works on key governmental issues that could directly affect member companies and their operations.
SFA governmental affairs consultant Mike Torrey credits the efforts of some 40 SFA members who attended the 2007 Day in D.C. event with helping to prevent potentially harmful legislative initiatives from passing during 2007. He stresses that 2008 will see numerous election year measures moved forward, perhaps in preparation for final action in 2009.
“Sometimes folks think there is nothing to worry about, but that is the wrong attitude to take,” Torrey says. “We have to stay on top of these issues and the people members of Congress really want to hear from are their own constituents — the business owners with employees in their states and Congressional districts. It really makes a difference.”
The Day in D.C. event will include in-person visits with members of the House and Senate and key staff members, as well as presentations from top government officials. Last year’s Spring Summit included a special tour of the U.S. Supreme Court and a meeting with the Chief Justice. In 2006, there was an executive briefing at the White House.
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