Bosch Packaging Technology, Farmington Hills, Mich., has announced that its New Richmond and Shell Lake, Wis., facilities received an environmental excellence award from Green Tier, a two-tier program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that enables Wisconsin to combine and achieve economic and environmental goals. In support of the local community and its environmental and educational efforts, the company also presented cash awards totaling $35,000 to three community organizations.

As one of only four companies to receive Tier 2 status, Bosch’s environmentally friendly projects and its new partnership with the Wisconsin DNR demonstrate a commitment to maintain and improve sustainability efforts within the company, significantly impacting the environmental health of the company and community. The company received this recognition due to its environmental record, willingness to exceed regulatory requirements, implementation of an environmental management system and ideas for improving performance beneficial to both the company and the environment.

"We are especially pleased to have Bosch Packaging Technology show that sustainable practice pays," said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “They are an industry leader and example for others who may be considering sustainability as a way to improve their environmental performance and profitability.”

According to Pres Lawhon, president of Bosch Packaging Technology in North America, “Bosch prides itself on its sustainability and is respectful of the environment. Worldwide in 2011, Bosch spent nearly $3 billion on technologies to improve energy efficiency, conserve resources and protect the environment. We are continuing to work on current projects as well as implement new ways to reduce consumption and eliminate waste. Achieving Green Tier 2 status in the state of Wisconsin is a testament to our commitment to the environment. We are proud to sign the Green Tier contract and all that it represents.”

Some of the key projects that have helped Bosch achieve the Green Tier status include reducing the amount of industrial waste, energy storage and water usage; implementing recycling waste streams for manufacturing processes; continuously developing improvement projects to further eliminate paint related to hazardous waste; and achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

To commemorate this recognition, Bosch will plant a sugar maple, Wisconsin’s state tree, at the New Richmond and Shell Lake facilities. The company also will present cash awards to three community organizations to use for environmental projects.