Sunwin Stevia International Inc., Deerfield Beach, Fla., a global provider of high-quality stevia extracts, is marketing six of its proprietary formulations, developed in conjunction with WILD Flavors GmbH, Zug, Switzerland, to food manufacturers in China.

The formulations are designed to use stevia grades ranging from Reb-A60 to Reb-A80 for tabletop products as well as in blends for baking. The use of these grades of stevia can enable the development of less costly alternatives for food manufacturers seeking to provide stevia-based products in the China marketplace.

Sunwin intends to market these formulations to various food manufacturers to develop licensed, private-label products made with Sunwin Stevia. Sunwin believes that this strategy will help it expand its domestic distribution base in China as the use of stevia becomes more prevalent domestically and abroad. “We are excited to begin this new marketing effort in China to help expand the use of our Sunwin Stevia,” says Dongdong Lin, CEO of Sunwin Stevia International.

“We have invested substantially in this development effort along with our partner WILD Flavors to produce these formulas for use with lower and more inexpensive grades of stevia and believe this is the right strategy to help us further grow our core stevia distribution business. We believe that by assisting food manufacturers in developing cost-effective private-label stevia products, we can expand our sales and develop long term distribution channels for Sunwin Stevia for years to come.”

Source: PRNewswire