Minnetonka, Minn.-based Nu-Tek Food Science has signed an agreement with Cain Food Industries Inc., Dallas, as the exclusive broker and distributor for the grain-based food industry in the United States. Grain-based foods are consistently listed as one of the leading contributors of sodium to the U.S. diet.

Nu-Tek Food Science says its patented, single-crystal technology produces Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride, which makes sodium reduction more cost-effective with the consistent results manufacturers demand. The patented technology significantly minimizes the bitter flavor traditionally associated with potassium chloride without the addition of flavors or maskers and delivers salt intensity similar to that of sodium chloride.

“Our partnership with Cain Food Industries provides a great opportunity to bring our sodium-reduction technology to bakers and manufacturers in the grain-based food industry,” says Tom Manuel, CEO of Nu-Tek Food Science. “Cain brings added-value products to their customers—introducing new concepts and generating innovative new products in the marketplace. They are recognized as the supplier of choice in functional ingredients and can fully support our customers with their strong knowledge and technical support.”

“Cain Foods has traditionally been a solutions provider to the challenges facing the grain-based food industry,” says Gary Cain, president, Cain Foods Industries. “Over the last couple of years, study after study has pointed at baked goods as a leading source of sodium in the American diet. Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride gives us the tool our industry needs to continue to move baked goods back into the ‘good-for-you’ category in the eyes of consumers. Nu-Tek Food Science’s solution allows us to reduce the sodium content in grain-based foods by 33-50%, with no loss in flavor or functionality.”