Nu-Tek Food Science, Minnetonka, Minn., says that it has reached an agreement with Barentz Europe to distribute its Advanced Formula potassium chloride to food manufacturers in Europe. The patented technology for producing Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride helps make sodium reduction cost-effective with consistent results. The patented technology minimizes the bitter flavor traditionally associated with potassium chloride, without needing to add expensive flavors or maskers—and delivers salt intensity similar to sodium chloride.

“Our partnership with Barentz provides a great opportunity to bring our technology to food manufacturers in Europe,” states Tom Manuel, CEO of Nu-Tek Food Science. “Barentz can fully support our customers with its strong technical support and state-of-the-art pilot plants to produce tailor-made, reduced-sodium recipes.”

Adds Hidde van der Walk, CEO of Barentz Europe B.V., “Europeans know that they need to reduce their salt intake. Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride provides a solution that can significantly reduce the sodium levels in bread, meat, pizzas and chips. This is a huge step forward to formulating lower-salt recipes

” Nu-Tek’s focus is on technology-driven solutions for healthier foods. Nu-Tek Food Science's patented one-to-one sodium-reduction solution for processed meat, bakery and processed cheese applications is designed to help food companies offer healthier products to consumers without changing functionality or taste, while effectively managing cost.