The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) is accepting entries for 2014 WorldStar Packaging Awards until Sept. 27.

Considered the most important global packaging award, the WorldStar program is based on the judges’ consensus that a package is superior in its own right and better in its class, in execution or innovation by comparison. The judges consider the following criteria: protection and preservation of contents; ease of handling, filling, opening and closing; adequacy of information; sales appeal; graphic design; quality of production; economy of material and cost reduction; environment; ingenuity of construction; and adaption to local conditions (production, materials, market etc).

Worldstar Award winners are also eligible to participate in three special categories: the Sustainable Packaging Award, the Marketing Award and the President’s Award.

According to WPO president Thomas Schneider, the award “illustrates the continuous advancement of the state of packaging and creates a continuously evolving standard of international packaging excellence from which others may learn.”

WorldStar Awards are presented only for packages that have already won recognition in a peer-reviewed competition in 2012 or 2013, normally organized by a regional or national association. Membership in WPO is not required, but prior approval of the competition by WPO is necessary.

The entry fee is 650 euros (approximately $850) for the first entry and 500 euros (approximately $650) for each additional entry.

Judging will be held on Nov. 4 in Barcelona, Spain, during the second annual WPO board meeting. “The expert panel of judges will compare all the projects and will select the ones that show to be superior in their category and market,” Schneider explains.

The 2014 WorldStar Awards ceremony will be held during Interpack 2014, which will be held May 8-14 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Details about how to qualify for and enter the competition can be found at