Hyper-detect metal detector

Global packaging solutions provider tna, Sydney, and the industrial metal detection expert Mettler Toledo Safeline, Tampa, won the Partnership of the Year award at the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association’s (PPMA) Group Industry Awards 2013. The companies received the prestigious award for integrating the hyper-detect metal detector into the tna robag VFFS bagger.

The hyper-detect is the world’s first nonsymmetrical balanced coil metal detector with a conical aperture in the detector, according to tna. While conventional “throat” metal detectors have long been used in the industry to inspect product before it enters the bag to allow the use of metalized film, packaging speeds have been limited to date. The integrated design of the hyper-detect allows the metal detector to be positioned much closer to the multi-head weigher, increasing the speed at which the bagger can produce finished bags.

With a high-frequency function, the hyper-detect provides stable operation for optimum sensitivity and consistent performance when inspecting products, says tna. Able to detect ferrous contaminants from 0.8-0.9 mm, nonferrous pieces up to 1.0 mm and nonmagnetic stainless steel from 1-1.2 mm, the hyper-detect reduced the risk of contaminants entering the value chain, safeguarding consumer safety and a company’s reputation.

“We are thrilled to have won this award for our partnership with Mettler Toledo Safeline,” says Tim Moulsdale, general manager-Europe, tna. “Together, we had identified a clear industry need for the sensitivity of a high-class metal detector together with the speed and performance associated with tna’s flagship robag VFFS range. The end result is the hyper-detect. With large sales in the first six months following its launch, the judges concluded that ‘the partnership worked together to fill a gap in the market.’ It’s great to see that the hyper-detect has been so well received by both our customers and the industry.”