Mary-Louise Parker with G.H. Cretors popcorn

G.H. Cretors, a Chicago-based brand of all-natural popcorn made with no genetically modified organisms (GMO), made it onto the big screen with an appearance in the movie Red 2. Actress Mary-Louise Parker, one of the film’s stars, picks up a bag of G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix during a scene that takes place in a Costco and hangs onto it for five minutes of the movie’s opening, until it flies everywhere during an explosion.

“We got a call out of the blue from the Red 2 production company asking if they could use a bag of our popcorn in the film,” says Claire Cretors, president of G.H. Cretors, which is owned by Cornfields Inc. “A few papers were signed and the popcorn was in. We were astounded to discover just how prominently the G.H. Cretors brand is featured in the film and are excited to see the impact from this unexpected stardom. We have never been happier to ‘Be in the Red!’”

Since the product’s on-screen appearance, the company’s phones have been ringing off the hook from customers excited to have seen their favorite popcorn brand in the movies.

To celebrate the news, G.H. Cretors is hosting a sweepstakes offering its Facebook fans the chance to win a variety pack of popcorn, six Red 2 movie tickets and a limo ride to the theater. A winner will be chosen on Aug. 16.