Dietary fiber

Depending on the whole grains they select, bakers sometimes find that meeting the desired fiber content in whole-grain-based bakery products can be challenging. ADM/Matsutani LLC’s Fibersol line of dietary fibers enables manufacturers to boost the fiber content of a variety of finished baked goods. It also gives manufacturers options when they’re looking to reduce sugar and calorie content in their products, while adding softness in moist and intermediate moisture foods and crispiness to low-moisture foods to extend the shelf life of finished products.

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Palm shortenings

IOI Loders Croklaan debuted its new FuseRite line of colored and flavored palm oil shortenings at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). Created to help product developers turn their ideas into realities, the shortenings are creamy, consistent, easy to use and trans-fat-free. According to the company, the line also will enhance the color, flavor and texture of applications.

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Fruit products

According to Taura Natural Ingredients, the results of independent gastrointestinal (GI) testing conducted recently on two of its URC (Ultra Rapid Concentration) fruit products—JusFruit URC Apple Strawberry and JusFruit URC Mixed Berry—confirm that both registered as low GI. The low GI measure indicates that the products release energy slowly into the bloodstream, which can help stave off hunger and control blood glucose levels. URC is a process of concentrating the taste, texture and natural goodness of fruit into pieces, flakes and pastes for use in applications such as snacks, confectionery, chocolate, baked goods and cereals. 

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Dough conditioners

Formulated for the North American market, Pak Group LLC’s Bellarise dough conditioner  features four products formulated for specific baking applications and concentrated to a 1% usage level. BR-1000 Red all-purpose dough conditioner provides volume and outstanding dough tolerance in all flour types and baking conditions. BR-1000 Green is a clean label, all-purpose dough conditioner that affrords dough tolerance and volume for all types of bread applications. For frozen dough manufacturing, BR-1000 Blue helps commercial bakers eliminate dough tearing and shredding, which improves dough elasticity and overall shelf life. BR-1000 Brown Hearth & Artisan dough conditioner enables artisan bakers to produce hearth breads in a “make-and-bake” operation and in accelerated or delayed productions.

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Nestlé candy pieces

Nestlé Crunch and Wonka Nerds candy pieces—two ready-to-use Nestlé Dessert Ingredients from Nestlé Professional—can be used to create a variety of treats. Nestlé Crunch pieces combine rich milk chocolate and crisped rice, making them tasty inclusions for baked goods. Wonka Nerds can be used to add color, crunch and tangy flavor to any dessert.

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Natural colors

Sensient Colors LLC announces what it’s calling the industry’s first complete color spectrum of clean-label, bright and stable natural blues and greens permitted in the U.S. for use in food and beverages. Sensient’s expanded natural blue and green offering includes spirulina, a natural color source that delivers clean bright blue and green shades, and two other natural blue sources. The natural blue platform can replicate certified colors and offer additional natural colors ranging from blueberry to sky blue, vibrant emerald to clean mint green and intense grape to soft pastel lavender purple. The colors are available in different delivery systems, including liquid, powder and dispersion forms, and have proved to be pH, light and heat-stable.

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