Flow monitor

Using a state-of-the-art vision system and software, the Opti-Flow from Triple/S Dynamics Inc. scans the surface profile of a material as it conveys, collecting real-time data on the material’s cross-sectional area and velocity to calculate the volumetric flow rate. Manufacturers can integrate the unit into conveying systems without modifying an existing equipment layout. The Opti-Flow can also be tied to an existing programmable logic controller (PLC) with a 4-20mA signal output or supplied with a standalone volumetric rate monitoring enclosure. Applications include snack foods.

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Roller transfer conveyor

Intelligrated’s new motor-driven roller (MDR) transfer conveyor facilitates a 90-deg. change in the direction of cases, film bags and totes to satisfy the product-handling demands of e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment operations. The MDR transfer features drive rollers with integral 24-volt, direct-current (DC) motors for individually powered zones and multiple transfer belts with adjustable band spacing. Suitable for close operator interaction, the bidirectional MDR transfer offers quiet operation and run-on-demand features that can use half the energy of traditional conveyors, says Intelligrated. Improved controls and efficient designs enable quick startup, simple belt replacement and easy maintenance for maximum uptime.

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Bar-code readers

Cognex Corp. launches the DataMan 8050 Series of industrial handheld readers. Designed with a rugged housing to handle harsh factory floor conditions and equipped with Cognex’s bar-code reading algorithms, DataMan 8050 and 8050X can read even challenging bar codes quickly and easily. The units use Cognex’s patented 1DMax+ with Hotbars algorithms to provide high-speed reading performance even with damaged, low-contrast or direct ink-jet bar codes. Two-dimensional algorithms allow the 8050 to rapidly decode a variety of 2-D symbologies, including DataMatrix, QR, PDF417 and Aztec codes. Available with both corded and wireless communication modules, the DataMan 8050 Series supports industry-standard communications, has durable and industrial product features and has a range of industrial cables and accessories to complement the product.

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Kettle fryer

Heat and Control’s new MasterTherm Kettle Fryer (MTKF) can produce 500 finished lb. per hour of batch-fried potato chips of almost any style with consistency. Heats cooking oil gently and uniformly throughout the fryer via a thermal fluid heat exchanger immersed in the oil. A full-length hood covers the kettle for safety and additional benefits, including heat retention, extended oil life and lower exhaust volume. Features include a continuous fines removal system; an Oil Mist Eliminator that removes oil droplets from exhaust emissions; a screw jack hoist system that safely raises the hood and heat exchanger for complete access inside the fryer; and a Chip-Stirr paddle system that automatically agitates and removes potato slices.

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Retail display shipper

Delkor Systems’ new Cabrio Case is a corrugated shipping case that easily converts into a retail-ready display for products in flexible packaging. The patent-pending shipper is based on a conventional flange-seal case formed with angled flaps that create a display opening at the front, and a higher wall at the back. Pre-cuts on the front and sides of the case enable retailers to easily tear away the case top, providing clean lines that enhance the display. A tearstrip on the back of the case is hidden from customers’ view. The case also has no perforations around the corners that could comprise its structural integrity. Sizes can be varied to match product dimensions or rows of product loaded into a case.

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Food-packaging printer

Responding to the needs of food packaging operations and others for high-resolution coding on nonporous packaging, Videojet Technologies introduces the Videojet 8610 thermal ink-jet printer. The model has a patented cartridge that uses fast-drying industrial inks, including MEK-based (methyl ethyl ketone) fluids, to print crisp, repeatable codes on film, foil, plastics and coated stocks. The system features three main components: A controller with user interface; an industrial printhead featuring the Cartridge Readiness System; and a disposable ink-jet cartridge. Maintenance is minimal, according to the company, and the ink cartridge can be changed in 15 seconds or less by a novice operator. Additionally, there are no wear parts to replace and no calibration or tuning required.

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