Mars Inc. recently published, on, its fourth annual Principles in Action Summary, which details the McLean, VA, company’s approach to business—the challenges it shares with society and its commitment to put the Mars Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom into action. This includes a target for the private, family-owned business to eliminate all fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from its direct operations by 2040.

“As a society, we are faced with a range of daunting global challenges,” says Paul S. Michaels, co-president. “At Mars, we want to drive positive change and meaningful difference by investing in sustainable choices that will create benefits for the long-term, and collaborate on challenges we share with the wider community. We know that people want to hear more about what we are doing to make a difference. This includes being transparent about areas where we need to work harder or take a different approach.

“This summary is intended to be a clear-eyed view of both successes and gaps yet to be filled. For example, the building of Mesquite Creek wind farm in Texas will generate energy from renewable sources equivalent to the electricity requirements of our entire U.S. operations. But we will have to look at significant additional interventions to achieve our 2040 goal of eliminating greenhouse gases from our operations.”

Co-president Grant F. Reid adds: “At Mars, we have made ambitious commitments that require us to think and act differently and, we hope, encourage industry to do the same. That model has worked successfully for us over the years in cocoa sustainability, and I am proud of the impact we’ve made there. Our new policy on deforestation is another example of setting a bold tone for how we will approach our supply chain. I am committed to ensuring that the Mars Leadership Team continues to prioritize finding innovative ways to ensure a profitable and sustainable future for Mars, while making a difference for people and the planet.”

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